The Calligraphy team are passionate about blockchain technology and the ways that it will improve the world.
Ed Wethered
Head on Investments
Ed has over 15 years of investment experience, across both quantitative investment strategies and early stage venture capital. On the quantitative side, he was the first employee for a $30m crypto quantitative investment management business and he also co-founded an award winning asset management business as a joint venture with Merrill Lynch that ran $200m in quant strategies in the capital markets. On the venture side, Ed worked for a $60m venture fund in sub Saharan Africa, has established a venture business investing in the Circular Economy, and has founded his own ventures in hospitality and charity.

He holds a Masters in Psychology from the University of St Andrews and a Post Graduate degree in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London. Ed has spoken at numerous conferences on digital assets and blockchain technology and is the author of a blog called Bits ‘n Blocks.
Nicolas Ardies
Head on Business Development
Nicolas has been in digital assets since 2015, as a researcher, investor and advisor. Since 2019, he has been running his own digital asset accelerator where he managed an international team of specialists in fund management, system architecture, financial modelling, tokenomics & token utility design, legal structuring, business development, UI/UX and user acquisition.

Nicolas has advised policy makers in the European Commission and INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) regarding the conversion of IoT & Blockchain, and continues to be a speaker at multiple conferences on the value of blockchain within start up companies and investor portfolios. He holds a Masters in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia and an Masters in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp.
Steve Jones
Head on Trading
Steve has 30 years of quantitative trading experience, starting his career trading FX and Fixed Income markets at RBS and then BNP Paribas. From there, Steve moved to Goldman Sachs where he was a Senior Quant Proprietary Trader responsible for designing and implementing proprietary systematic trading strategies in equities, equity derivatives and index futures. Post Goldman, Steve launched a systematic trading investment firm which generated significant risk adjusted returns using robust proprietary models based upon statistical, fundamental and behavioural properties of the financial markets, which he successfully exited after just 5 years.

Steve launched his own crypto investment firm in 2018, which was focused on AI based HFT trading strategies. The business was acquired by in 2020, where Steve joined as Head of Trading as a part of the acquisition. His expertise span low latency HFT, market making, statistical arbitrage, and more directional strategies across spot, futures and options.  
Alex Weinsziehr
Head on Fundamental Research
After finishing his Masters in China Studies and Economics from the University of Cologne, Alex shifted his focus to programming, teaching himself various web development languages. His first job was in a consultancy business as a programmer building sustainable mobility solutions, analysing traffic flows of commuters. In 2011, Alex purchased his first bitcoin, and became an active bitcoin investor and trader, building manual arbitrage trading strategies between the few and very illiquid exchanges of that time. In 2013 Alex developed his own bot-based trading strategy, which he ran successfully for the following 2 years, before shifting his focus in 2016 to deep, fundamental research on blockchain businesses with a view to investing and managing his own money.

Alex comes with deep knowledge of protocol structures and extensive experience in critically evaluating the white papers of blockchain based businesses.
Dr. Boris Korzh PhD
Head on Quant
Boris holds a research staff position at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, specializing in optical and quantum communication. He received a Master’s degree in physics from Imperial College London and a PhD in Physics from the University of Geneva.

He has over 10 years' experience in project management and scientific communication, frequently publishing in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and presenting at international conferences. He has extensive experience in scientific data analysis and software development using Python, C++ and Matlab.

He has just over 3 years’ experience investing in the crypto markets, as well as building and testing quantitative arbitrage strategies, specifically in basis trading.
Suneil Setiya
Quant & Business Advisor
Suneil co founded arguably the UK’s most successful quantitative hedge fund, Quadrature Capital Limited, launched in 2010. The firm deploys market neutral strategies and trades securities globally, taking both long and short positions based on predictions made by statistical models fed by market and other data.

Based on the success of the strategies, the firm has returned all client assets and now trades solely proprietary capital. Suneil continues to develop his ideas as an advisor to new businesses that can leverage his considerable expertise.

Suneil works with the Calligraphy Digital team on quant strategy development, implementation, execution and business strategy.